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People with a sweet tooth cheered recently when the Food and Drug Administration approved Stevia as a sweetener "generally regarded as safe." While some in the scientific community still aren't convinced of its safety, Coca-Cola soon will start using Stevia in soft drinks. Take our quiz about the Stevia rebaudiana plant.

1. Processed Stevia chemicals are how much sweeter than regular table sugar?

a) 10 times

b) 50 times

c) 200 times

2. Discovered by the Guarani tribes of Paraguay and Brazil in the late 19th century, the Stevia plant originally was used to treat what condition?

a) heartburn

b) impotence

c) depression

3. A 1986 Brazilian study shows that Stevia has a beneficial effect on what?

a) controlling hyperactivity

b) controlling blood sugar

c) controlling appetite

4. True or false: In 2008, two UCLA researchers studied Stevia for carcinogenicity and toxicology, and determined that it caused mutations in some laboratory tests.

5: In the 1970s, two small studies — since discredited — in Uruguay and Brazil showed that Stevia worked as a what?

a) appetite suppressant

b) arthritis balm

c) contraceptive

ANSWERS: 1: c; 2: a; 3: b; 4: True; 5: c


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