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Back in pre-history, fitness used to be part of staying alive — you had to be strong to run away from scary animals, dig for roots and carry the young. As time went on, we stayed fit on the farm. Modern women are more likely to be in front of a computer than out in the fields. Staying fit is a part-time job for women today. Have You Heard? sought out a variety of women, all students at Southern Oregon University, and asked them: "How do you plan to stay fit as you age?"

Karen Soule, Ashland

I plan to continue to work out, eat healthy and stay away from fatty food and excess alcohol. It's a lifestyle choice.

Jeanne Hunt, Grants Pass

I plan on getting into yoga. I've talked to friends that practice it. I think it will help me with stress reduction and also keep me fit.

Heidi Hess, Ashland

I am really young, but I've seen how my mother and grandmother do it, so I know what to do myself. We're an active family, and I think if I stay active, I'll stay fit. I do yoga and Pilates. And if I keep up my community activities, I'll be fine.

Nikki Pons, Ashland

I eat a whole food diet and I'm never going to stop dancing.

Madeline Holcomb, Talent

With cautious eating and a good level of activity. I actually like to walk. It's fun and relaxing.

Alison Haoford, Ashland

I've never really been fit, but I know I have to get more active. The older I get, the more I will do to stay fit. I'll probably get a dog to force myself to walk.

Ashley Myers, Ashland

I really am into yoga. It makes me feel less tight. When I was in high school I was a swimmer, so I plan on going back to that. I definitely had more energy then.

Nicole Underwood, Ashland

I plan to maintain the same fitness agenda I have now. I try to do yoga and Pilates on a daily basis and I run when I can fit it in.

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