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Ah, the lazy days of summer. Or were they so lazy? Not when you became old enough to get a job and earn your own money. We all have memories of those wonderful, irritating, challenging jobs we took just for the summer. As summer sputtered to a start this year, Have You Heard quizzed women, "What was your most memorable summer job?"

Kim Adams
My best summer job was painting with the school district of Central Point because I made good money at a young age. I did it for four summers and was able to buy my first car that way.

Angie Paradela
Central Point

The best summer job I have had wasn't paid. It was a mission trip to Papua, New Guinea, through Wycliffe Publishers. It was an exciting adventure, and it was worthwhile because we were taking the Bible to people who didn't have it in their language. We were giving it to them.

Sharon Cannon

I was born and raised here in the Rogue Valley. The worst job I had during summers was keypunching for Harry and David. That's when I decided to join the service. I had another job thinning pears. I had to get up early, and it wasn't fun. I packed pears, too. The pear industry was big when I was a kid.

Andrea Saxon

My best summer job is the one I have now. I drive a beverage cart at Centennial Golf Club. I have beer, liquor, soft drinks and snacks, and I drive them around and sell them to golfers. I get to be outside, and it's fun.

Bridget Abbott

I was the head counselor at a Christian summer camp one year. I ran the girl's work staff, and we cleaned toilets and washed dishes and did food prep. All the girls were volunteers, and they were high-caliber — dedicated to what they were doing. It was a pleasure.

Mila Valenta

I was a white-water raft guide. My office was beautiful, and I was in the sun and water all day long. I did it for about six years. It was nerve-wracking sometimes, but a little fear keeps your senses heightened. It turns out to be a good thing.

Holly Adams

My best summer-job experience was working backstage at the All-Good Festival in Baltimore, Md., in 1994. I helped to get food and water and was all-around momma to the bands. Meeting Bela Fleck and Victor Wooten was a big part of the excitement. It was the highlight of the weekend.

Karen Hardman

Being a summer music camp director was my most memorable summer job. We had kids at camp for five days a week, and we taught them, and then we jammed. Then we swam in the Applegate River.

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