Have you heard?

The cold has settled in and made itself at home here in the valley. Winter presents an annual challenge to us as we wait for spring. It's more than just staying comfortable; it's warmth that penetrates to our souls that we seek now. Have You Heard? braved winter's storms to ask women at the Briscoe Art Center in Ashland, "What makes you feel cozy?"

Gina Galardi

Fire! A big wood fire in my house with a cup of tea, a nice chair and my family all around gives me that cozy feeling.

Sierra Campbell

Family and friends help me feel cozy. Snuggled up with my kids or having a great conversation with a friend with a warm cup of tea and a nice fire.

Annette Trujillo

Knowing that all the bills are paid makes me feel cozy in January. I'm an artist and that's a slow time of year. It's also nice to know that my creations were presented as gifts to loved ones.

India Wise

Fire makes me cozy. Candlelight, using beeswax candles and cuddling with loved ones. My dog and cats can give me a cozy feeling. I like tea and pie, apple or pumpkin. I'm very traditional.

Ali Hall

Definitely it's soup that makes me feel cozy. Especially in winter I'm drawn to different soup recipes. I don't necessarily follow them, but I find season vegetables to replace some ingredients to create something hand-crafted. Putting my hands around the bowl. The steam and the aroma. You kind of bond with that bowl, and then you can go back for seconds if you want. Your hunger has been satisfied and you still have the warm cozy feeling in your belly.

Carol Hoyt

Cozy is a feeling inside of real comfort. I don't always know what is going to create that. It might be thinking of my kids and grandchildren. Then come the things on the "outside," like tea or a blanket. In so many ways it has to be self-generated. It's not always easy but that's why we have to practice. We have to be kind to each other and ourselves. It's about lovingness as a practice.

Grace Mantle

At this time of year, cozy is being in my studio with my kitties next to me, listening to good music and working on my dolls. Lately I've been listening to Handel's Messiah. I like books on tape too.

Nicole Ruibal

My fuzzy socks and sitting by the fire is cozy. My daughter is seven and when she's really happy she bursts into song. That's enough ambiance for me.

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