Have You Heard?

While nutrition and exercise are important, keeping the mind stimulated and active can make for a fuller, richer life. Have You Heard spent an afternoon delving into the ways that Rogue Valley women keep their brains healthy and active. The way they accomplished that was as diverse as the women themselves — ranging from thought-provoking puzzles and laughing with friends to taking time out for creative pursuits.

Our question to them: What do you do to keep your brain active and healthy?

Jackie Ferch, Medford

"I don't do anything unusual. I like crosswords, computer games, reading... and I help with the library at the senior center. I think it's important to stay busy."

Eloise Barry, Phoenix

"I keep busy with friends. We play pinochle, rummy tile — both are really good for the brain. I think just keeping socialized with people is really good."

JoAnn Evans, Talent

"What keeps my mind active? The three C's — cards, crossword puzzles and calligraphy."

Jane Gholson, Applegate

"I exercise — endorphins and all that are good for the brain, do crossword puzzles and continue to work. I teach online so that keeps me active and takes a lot of mental agility."

Rachel Guthrie, Central Point

"I chase three teenagers around and run a business. That keeps me going."

Rhonda Taylor, Ashland

"I teach and do theater. That keeps my brain very active — the fact I have two jobs where I'm constantly problem solving and creating.

Kelly Larson, Medford

"How do I keep my brain active? Artistic pursuits. I like block printing and knitting."

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