Have you heard?

Nara Rosser, Ashland

I'm grateful that I've finally let go of doing everything myself. I'm amazed at how much support and surprising resources are available to me. I express my gratitude by letting it in, so that I really have something to give back in return.

Delnora Coolridge, Ashland

I'm grateful for my children and express my gratitude by remembering to listen to them, and to honor who they are.

Monica Port, Ashland

I'm grateful for everything. It's not just one thing, it's the whole. I experience it as a sensation, an "Ahh." I'm grateful for the challenges, too. When I look back at them, I know how important they are. I express gratitude with hugs and by thanking people when they contribute to my life.

Didar Catalkaya, Phoenix

I'm grateful for my life, and the way I express it is through service to others and personal growth. I try to subdue my ego.

Camille Newby, Colestine Valley

I'm grateful for life, the grass, the trees, the mountains. I'm grateful we've all been created and are sharing the same life. I'm blown away by the artistry of the natural world. I try to connect with people in a heart way and feel the oneness.

Kimberly, Ashland

I'm grateful to be living in a beautiful valley full of fall colors and surrounded by beautiful mountains. I'm also grateful for wonderful friendships I have with men and women who live here.

Kathy Helmer, Medford

I'm really grateful for the fall leaves and the smell in the cool, crisp air. I do a lot of walking to experience it.

Marlene Hageman, Medford

My three boys. I'd be lost without them, especially as a single person. They are precious in my sight. I let them know how I feel. I visit them. I take care of grandchildren so my sons can go away. They are all good to their mom.

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