Green up your life

Green up your life

"The Environment Equation: 100 Factors That Can Add to or Subtract from Your Total Carbon Footprint," by Alex Shimo-Barry

(Adams Media, $9.95, 144 pp.)

This little book aims to show clearly how people can reduce their impact on the environment by changing their behavior. Divided into five main categories: home, outdoors, on the road, work and greener living, the book lists the amount of carbon dioxide produced, or how much it can be reduced, in such activities as driving, outdoor lighting, running a clothes dryer, using a computer screensaver and insulating walls.

Some of the numbers raise questions. For example, biking is credited with reducing the carbon dioxide output by 11,650 pounds per year. But while the article on biking talks about a Paris program to encourage people to use bicycles instead of cars, nowhere do we learn how that savings is achieved. Through not driving? But how far or for how long? The numbers are interesting yet seem open to challenge.

But anyone looking for some general ideas about ways to go green will find some handy, quick ideas about which ones will be most effective.

— Newsday

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