Gardening DVDs explain bird, butterfly habits

"Audubon Video Guide to 258 Birds of North America DVD II: Song and Garden Birds" will bring songbirds and their habits, appearance, color and sounds into your living room. The DVD includes a database you can search and use as a video encyclopedia. (Mastervision, $40)

"Audubon Butterfly DVD: Essentials for Beginners and Gardeners" is an engrossing story about the life cycles of butterflies. It's an action movie of what makes butterflies so magical, and it offers ways you can make them a part of your garden. The narrator describes plants that are attractive to butterflies and discusses host plants and nectar plants necessary for their survival. The butterflies' variety of colors and patterns is breathtaking. This two-hour, 30-minute DVD is an excellent learning tool for children and adults. (Mastervision, $40)

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