Five food tips to keep you healthy

1. Think Drink

Staying well-hydrated is key to feeling good. So make sure you drink enough: on average, that means nine cups of fluid a day for women, and 13 for men. Caffeine-free, calorie-free beverages like water are best, but fruit juice, milk, sports drink and soft drinks also are hydrating. Surprisingly, even caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea contribute to your total fluid intake.

2. Sweet-Tooth Satisfiers

When your sweet tooth is calling, try satisfying it with something healthy, like a few slices of sweet juicy mango or sliced apple and pear made special with a sprinkle of cinnamon. If it's a cookie you crave, try biscotti — they have fewer calories than most cookies. If only chocolate will do, go for it. Just opt for dark chocolate (which has the most antioxidants) and keep it to an ounce, about the size of three fingers.

3. Sleep Yourself Thinner

Studies show that a chronic lack of sleep can actually alter the balance of hormones that help regulate appetite. So if you don't regularly get at least seven hours a night, it might leave you hungrier and ultimately heavier. Life is hectic and it isn't always easy, but now you have another good reason to get your Zs.

4. Take a Stroll

Tonight after dinner, don't just plop in front of the TV. Call a neighbor, gather the family or leash up the dog and go for a stroll. You'll get some fresh air, share some valuable time together and no matter how slow you walk, you'll burn about 100 calories a mile.

5. The Family Meal

Want your kids to eat better and be healthier? Eat dinner together. Between work schedules and after-school activities, it is tough to get the whole family around the table at the same time. But even if you can't do it every day, make a point of it as often as possible. Kids who eat with their families regularly have better nutrition, and are less likely to adopt bad habits like smoking.

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