Creature comforts can help pets enjoy 'their' vacations

It's almost summer, and that, of course, means taking your pet on vacation. Well, OK, Kitty gets to stay home where she's more comfortable, but Pooch? Gotta grab that guy and go!

Car travel is generally the easiest way to travel with a pet, although that doesn't mean it's foolproof. Here are a few items aimed at safety and convenience.

The lightweight Travel-tainer from Gamma keeps dry food sealed airtight and fresh. Plus, unscrew the top and bottom to make food and water bowls. $20 at Petco stores and

The water-resistant Quilted Reversible Hammock Pet Seat Cover will let your pet stretch out without letting, ahem, an accident ruin the upholstery. $80 at

As much fun as it may be for your pet to slide around the back seat, a Cozy Car-Go Pet Car Seat aims to keep him in place for the long haul. $55 at

Doggles aim to protect your pet's eyes from UV rays and from airborne dirt that could damage the eyes of pooches that like to hang their head out the car window. $22 at

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