Columnist for a Day: Inspired by the lives of ‘special’ people

As the recent royal wedding approached, I realized I always have been interested and fascinated not only with royal weddings but also with Olympians, celebrities and other “special” people’s lives.

For me, the lives of those special people were dream lives. Reading about them transported me to another world, a world to dream, asking myself if I could have a life like them, if I could achieve like them.

When I was growing up in Cochabamba, Bolivia, we didn’t have TV, so I depended on newspapers and magazines to read about the news and about those special people. Whenever a newspaper or magazine was in my hands, I gravitated directly to the international news and then to the royals, Olympians, celebrities, Nobel Prize winners — anyone who was doing something that I considered special.

If I had time I would read some of the local news, but that was not important. The important thing was to know what was happening around the world and what was going on with those special people whose lives I wanted to know to the last detail.

Since I was 14 years old, I knew what I wanted to be. I focused myself in reaching high and to be the best I could be. I studied hard, and I worked even harder. I became the first female architect in my city, and through some unexpected path I moved to this country, lucky to find work with great companies.

I met a wonderful person who became the love of my life, my partner, my companion, and my husband. Together we set our path, our goals; it was difficult, but being focused, working hard and making good choices along the way, we were successful in our professional careers and in building a wonderful, happy and loving family.

The love of my life is now gone, but our happy legacy is here to stay: wonderful daughters and lovely grandchildren. I am grateful to life for giving me such an incredible and unexpected journey.

Watching another royal wedding made me realize that my life was indeed a dream life — like the lives I have read about in the magazines and newspapers of my youth. I felt like my life was a royal life, a celebrity life, a winner’s life!

Maria-Cristina Page lives in Medford.


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