Clearing the air on allergies in the home

Clearing the air on allergies in the home

The sun is shining, the grass is green and the flowers are once again in bloom. It's one of loveliest times of the year. So why do you feel so miserable?

Chances are you're one of the estimated 50 million Americans who are affected by some form of allergies.

Fortunately, you can keep sniffs, sneezes and itching at bay with some simple suggestions for the home that significantly reduce the number of allergens roaming through the air.

Dust every room — One of the easiest paths to an allergy-free home—dusting—may already be a part of your spring cleaning routine. Dust mites can collect in a variety of materials around the house; especially those with fabric, including upholstered furniture, mattresses and pillows.

Make sure to check under and behind all large furniture and appliances including tables, dressers, refrigerators and ceiling fans. You should always use a damp cloth when dusting, as a dry cloth only spreads the dust around.

Pull up the carpet — Bacteria, dust and dirt can easily become embedded in carpeting and beyond the reach of vacuuming. To solve this, consider installing hardwood flooring throughout the home. When properly cared for, hardwood floors are extremely resistant to the microscopic allergens that carpet can attract including pet dander, pollen and mold. Carpet is also known to trap dust mites that are too small to be seen and cause allergic symptoms, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

"Hardwood flooring is much easier to install and less expensive than most homeowners realize and provides a significantly healthier home environment," says Tom Sullivan, founder and chairman of Lumber Liquidators. "In addition to being great for allergies and easy to keep clean, wood floors also provide a beautiful look."

Hardwood floors still need a cleaning every few weeks. Products such as the popular Bellawood Floor Care Kit include a soy-based cleaner, perfect for keeping floors clean and in the best shape possible.

Uncover the AC — Although it may be tempting to crack the windows to enjoy the breeze, allergy sufferers should choose air conditioning instead of an open window. When the season is in full bloom, the air coming through the windows may carry a welcoming smell, but it's actually carrying tons of allergens into the home.

Homeowners already using air conditioning should check the filters regularly to ensure the system is functioning properly.

Use the exhaust fan — Keeping surfaces dry helps prevent the growth of mold in moist areas of the home. Installing and regularly using an exhaust fan while showering helps keep mold at bay. Also make sure to thoroughly wash your shower curtain every week or buy inexpensive liners that you can replace regularly.

Following these easy home update ideas will allow everyone in the household to breathe a little easier.

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