Classic Contrast

Classic Contrast

Ebony and ivory are together in perfect harmony in this spring’s home décor. When paired together, this sharp clean look is timeless.
“This is a powerful combination,” says Edward M. Tashjian, vice president of marketing for Hickory, N.C.-located Century Furniture. “Black is mystery and sophistication; white is purity and innocence. Yin and yang, together they represent wholeness and balance.”
Between fabrics, painted furniture and stylish accessories you can spice up a room with a little or a lot of these dynamic colors. Renee Cooper built her entire housewares and home-accessory store on these two colors. The Black and White Store fills a niche, explains Cooper, who opened her Grand Rapids, Mich.-based business in 2004.
“I am an interior designer, and it was difficult to find items that I wanted in those two colors. As I searched for products I found things in limited styles – mostly contemporary.” Cooper wanted more choices and that’s when she realized there was a need. And a business was born.
Unlike other home stores, Cooper says she doesn’t sell decorating trends. “Eternally popular for its absolute flexibility, the combination of black and white is a dramatic look that can be tailored to meet anyone’s needs. Black and white are classic colors and can be used in any décor.”
Kitchen and dining ware are popular items says Cooper. Midnight black stemware, Asian-inspired china and funky serving dishes all offer a unique and stylish twist for the tabletop.
When Cleveland Heights, Ohio designer Donald Bingham Schmitt turned his talents toward his own library he went black – all black. “It’s a small room with windows on three walls. I painted the ceiling, walls and trim a flat black, then I mounted floating book shelves floor to ceiling, all around the room,” says Schmitt.
Books encircle the room atop dark mahogany stained shelves. The shelves float right over the windows, where sunlight drifts through, naturally back-lighting the decorative items sitting on them.
Ten point track lights on the ceiling illuminate two pieces of artwork: a black and white figurative painting and a life-size papier-mâché sculpture of a man sitting on a stool. “What I like most about this room,” says Schmitt, “is that whenever I come in here, day or night, I always feel calm; the lack of drama, surrounded by books in a comfortable chair with a good reading light.”
What more could you ask for?
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