Britt moments

Here are takes from George Relles on some memorable shows at Britt:

B.B. King, 1986.

"It was the loudest show we'd ever had. It was before the decibel limit. It was one of the shows that prompted the neighborhood to get up in arms. It was a great show."

Joan Baez, 1992.

"It was phenomenal, a special show.

"I remember she came out at soud check, and somebody told her it was (lighting designer) Bob Peterson's birthday, and she sang him a personal 'Happy Birthday' from the stage. Bob and I were the only ones there."

Riders in the Sky, YEAR.

"They were funny, really in touch with the audience. There were more trees then, and there was a madrone at audience-right. Too Slim went over and did his famous tree sloth dance and hung from the tree."

Bruce Hornsby, 1997.

In a show presented by Tom Olbrich and Southern Oregon University's program board, Hornsby invited audience members onto the stage, and hundreds jammed their way on.

"It was a great show, but it can be nervous-making around the equipment."

Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne, 1996.

Another Olbrich presentation, the show was a benefit for environmental groups. After posters appeared urging loggers to show up, pro-timber industry demonstrators crowded around the fence and ran snarling chainsaws during the show.

"That was memorable in a pretty negative way. Bonnie rose above all that and put on a fabulous, amazing show."

Harry Belafonte, 1996.

"I'd listened to him as a kid. It was one of those shows. I was just thankful."

Mel Tormé, 1987

"Mel liked loud monitors, and we had a neighbor who was angry. We kept the windows backstage open because they helped the sound. She came up in pin curls and got past security and came right up to me."

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