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Bold & Beautiful

The family room has long been one of the most used rooms in every home. It’s a place for people to gather, relax, watch television and play games. But just because it’s functional, doesn’t mean the family room can’t be stylish. According to the experts, bold colors, lively wallpapers and going green are among the upcoming trends in family rooms across the country. Depending on your style, you can mix and match, and make all the tweaks you want

• As in other parts of life, going green has become quite popular. “People are using natural and eco-friendly materials and recycling and reusing things,” says Stephanie Rossi, Boston-based designer and owner of Spazio Rosso.

In that same vein, Maloos Anvarian, owner and designer of San Francisco–based DWM Interiors, has seen an increase in the reuse of older, vintage items. “We carry a lot of antique glass, which is a hot trend. Designers are starting to embrace it,” she says. “Reviving older pieces is more of a green way of designing.”

• Additionally, both Rossi and Anvarian have seen a great deal of color being incorporated into designs. “Bright, bold colors are really big,” says Rossi. Anvarian characterizes the bold colors as a move toward retro trends in designing.

“What I see is lots of color. It seems like purples and pinks are back. It’s like a more updated version of retro colors,” she says.

• Wallpaper has also made a surprising comeback. “In the past people have thought about wallpaper as something you see in Grandma’s living room,” Rossi says. However, Rossi has seen a great deal of grass-cloth wallpaper being used lately. “It gives your wall some depth without painting. It warms up the room, even in small spaces,” she says. This type of wallpaper is great, according to Rossi because it comes in all types of colors, and is all-natural, for eco-friendly decorators and homeowners. “They can really bring a room to life,” she says.

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