Board, not boring

Are you vacationed-out, tired of video-gaming, waterlogged by too many trips to the pool and ready to scream if you see one more "SpongeBob" rerun?

In other words, are you bored with summer?

We've got a suggestion: Vanquish that boredom with some great board games.

So give Sorry, Parcheesi and Uno a rest. Try something new!

UBONGO (pictured)

Z-Man Games

Ages 8 and older, 2 to 4 players, $39.99

Each player gets several tiles and a card with a shape on it. Use the tiles to make the shape on the card before the timer runs out. Whoever completes the puzzle first, and in time, has the best chance to capture gems on the playing board. The player with the most gems of one color after nine rounds is the winner.



Ages 7 and older, 2 to 8 players, $25.99

This is a fast-paced shape-recognition game. A wooden totem sits in the middle. Players flip over cards one at a time. When your card matches another, be the first to grab the totem so that you can give your card to the loser. But be careful: Some cards look identical but aren't. (An added plus: This game is easy to take along on trips.)



Ages 6 and older, 2 to 6 players, $24.99

A classic memory game. Take a winding path through the forest and check under the trees for fairy-tale treasure. Remember what you saw so that when you need a particular treasure you can go back to that tree to get it. Cool rule: You can split your dice roll — for example, move five spaces in one direction and two in the other to land at the right tree.



Ages 8 and older, 1 to 4 players, $24.99

It's hard not to want this game after hearing Palmer call it "one of the best board games ever in the entire world." The board is a maze of interlocking pieces. You move them around to change the maze — allowing you to get the treasure while keeping everyone else away. And isn't that what friendship is all about?

These Just In ...

A lot of games cross our desks at KidsPost. Here are two new ones we've enjoyed playing.


Birdcage Press

All ages, $9.95

Birdcage has several decks of cards that are more like trading cards. You fish for exotic sea creatures, reptiles, wild animals — even national parks. Each deck has instructions for several card games, and each card has great photos and fun facts: Did you know that badgers like to eat rattlesnakes?

Great to grab for a trip.



Ages 6 and older,

2 to 6 players, $13.99

Strap on a headband and slip in a card that shows an animal or thing. Everyone else can see it but you. Ask questions until you guess what it is — but do it before time runs out! (It helps to avoid having 2-year-olds around when you play. They tend to blurt out what you're trying to guess.)

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