Awards and Honors

The Rogue Valley Genealogical Society has announced the winners of its first writing contest. Judges were Cleve Twitchell, retired Mail Tribune Tempo editor; Cara Davis-Jacobson, publisher of the The Rogue Digger; and Anne Billiter, RVGS's head librarian.

First place went to Sue Waldron for "A Small Iron Kettle," the account of a simple object telling its story and remembering the past.

The second-place winner was Colista Bailey for "The Old Bridle," a story woven around a family heirloom.

Third-place winner was Brice C. Martin for "Old Fremont Finally Found," the story of a rifle named Old Fremont that was used in the Revolutionary War and is connected to his family.

Honorable mention went to Janice Nicholls Schultz for a family story of tragic consequences.

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