Ashland Kiwanis

The Kiwanis Club of Ashland Foundation has pledged $1,000 toward funding of the Ashland Schools Foundation AHS Student Tutor Center grant.

The Student Tutor Center is a program that employs approximately six student tutors to work with high school students after school on early release days. The funding will help cover a portion of the operating expenses to maintain the center, and pay a small stipend to the faculty member providing oversight. The total cost of this program is less than $4,000.

The mission of the center is to assist each student in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers and life-long learners. The ultimate goal of the center is that each student will graduate with the personal, academic, and career-related skills and knowledge to be able to make self-directed and realistic decisions in an increasingly complex world.

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