Miller anniversary

L. Keith and Jo Ann J. Miller of Central Point celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 12. A family celebration will take place later this year when their children and grandchildren will gather for the wedding of their daughter, Darcy, on Nov. 24, in Seattle.

L. Keith Miller married Jo Ann Johnson on June 12, 1960, at Sand Point Naval Air Station in Seattle. Keith was a Ph.D. student at the department of biophysics and physiology at the University of Washington and Jo Ann was a secretary at the department of oceanography at the University of Washington, when they met on a blind date arranged by her sister.

After their marriage, they moved to Anchorage, where Keith was a researcher at the Arctic Health Research Center, PHS and Jo Ann was a secretary.

In 1962, they moved to Fairbanks, where Keith and Jo Ann were two of the original members of the Institute of Arctic Biology at the University of Alaska. As Keith completed his doctorate in zoophysiology, they welcomed a son, Reed, then two daughters, Darcy and Wendy. Keith's studies in temperature regulation and temperature adaptations of a variety of northern animals led him on many field trips in Alaska's bush, including trips to the Bering Sea icecap. As they completed their log home and maintained a large garden, they hauled water for seven years until a well could be dug.

Keith and Jo Ann were very active in the Junior Dog Mushers Association, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Jo Ann was the president of the Farthest North Girl Scout Council for eight years. In 1994, she was named an Ermalee Hickel Volunteer of the Year. The family enjoyed primitive camping, fishing, boating and hunting.

The Millers moved to Southern Oregon in 1998, where they could further enjoy their interests in gardening, especially Keith's desire to have fruit trees. Keith is an active participant in the riparian program of the Middle Rogue Steelhead Chapter, Trout Unlimited and was named Steelheader of the Year for 2009.

Jo Ann has been very involved in garden club activities for Jacksonville Garden Club and the Siskiyou District Garden Clubs, part of the Oregon State Garden Clubs.

The Millers have three children, Reed Miller of Fairbanks, Alaska, Darcy Miller of Seattle and Wendy Dlakic of Bozeman, Mont. They also have four grandchildren.

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