Robert and Charmaine Hawkins of Medford celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Aug. 26 with a dinner at Applebee's restaurant.

Hosts of the event, with family and friends attending, were their son and daughter, Dan Hawkins and Cheri Longan, both of Medford.

Robert Hawkins married Charmaine Brault on Aug. 20, 1947.

Robert was born in Floydada, Texas. He moved to Medford in 1945. Charmaine was born and raised in Medford. They met while working at Bear Creek Orchards, Harry and David. Robert says that during a break at work he offered Charmaine a stick of gum "And we've been stuck together ever since."

Charmaine worked for Harry and David for 20 years before going to work for JC Penney for about 25 years.

Robert worked as a fireman for the City of Medford. He retired after 31 years with the department.

The Hawkins have two living children, Dan Hawkins and Cheri Longan, both of Medford, and two deceased sons, Steven and Timothy. They also have seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

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