Harry and Shirley Williams

Harry and Shirley Williams

Harry and Shirley Williams celebrated their 50th anniversary Saturday, Jan. 28.

They met 52 years ago at work where Harry worked as the foreman of a print shop for a legal newspaper called Metropolitan News, and Shirley worked in the office near the Los Angeles County Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles.

Harry was 34 years old and Shirley was 19. She often says at 19 she knew she was a “woman of the world,” meaning she knew at a very young age she had it all together. When she met Harry, it felt like she was running down a hill of daisies and knew that Harry, even though the age difference was there, was everything she wanted in a husband.

Shirley actually was the one who proposed. Harry had been married before and really did not plan on getting married again, but Shirley never takes no for an answer.

They have enjoyed a wonderful life together, not only with each other but caring for many handicapped animals. Even though they both retired, they have a successful home-cleaning business called “Just Cleaned.” They are still passionate about each other, and after all these years can say they not only are still in love but still like each other.

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