Loren "Ed" and Frances Edwards of Talent celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Oct. 11 with a family weekend get-together in New Meadows, Idaho.

Hosts of the event, with 16 people attending, were their son and wife, Stewart "Stu" and Donna Edwards of Fruitland, Idaho, and their granddaughter and her husband, Heidi and Scott Fletcher.

Loren Edwards married Frances Oakley on Oct. 13, 1948, in Ashland.

Frances moved to Ashland in 1947 with her parents and worked at Bob's Lunch in downtown Ashland. Loren worked in ranching and logging.

They moved to Auburn, Wash., in 1956, where they raised their two children.

Loren worked for Rohr Aircraft Industries and Frances worked at Green River Community College.

They retired in 1981 and have done a lot of traveling. Now, they mostly enjoy gardening.

They have two children, Stewart Edwards of Fruitland, Idaho, and Charlotte Edwards of Talent. They also have two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

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