Women self-starters

A desire for work-life balance and self-management were the top reasons women wanted to start their own businesses, said the respondents to this summer's Make Mine a Million $ Business survey.

"After having a successful career in corporate America, I wanted to create some options," said Maureen Borzacchiello, president of Creative Display Solutions, a West Hempstead, N.Y.-based firm.

"It was (about) taking control of my life and being able to say, 'If I want to have a child and work part-time or work at 2 in the morning, I have that option.' "

Almost two-thirds of the women who participated in the survey said they were mothers.

Voluntary e-mail questionnaires were sent to women registered on the Make Mine a Million $ Business Web site.

Make Mine a Million $ Business is a program co-founded by the nonprofit Count Me In for Women's Economic Independence and American Express Co. The program sponsors contests and provides financing, mentoring and workshops to help women entrepreneurs reach $1 million in annual revenues.

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