Wal-Mart tops list of top retailers

When Best Buy opens in the Delta Center development some time in 2008, it will mean that 17 of the nation's top 20 retailers will have a presence in the Medford area.

Stores magazine released its annual Top 100 retailers on Thursday with Wal-Mart reigning unchallenged once more. Wal-Mart's revenues exceed those of the next five largest retailers combined. Total revenues for the Stores Top 100 list are just over $1.6 trillion with Wal-Mart accounting for nearly 22 percent of the figure.

Wal-Mart, which saw 11.7 percent revenue growth to $348.65 billion in 2006, entered the Medford market in 1993. Home Depot, which plans a second store near Best Buy, opened its first local store in December. The Atlanta-based company was No. 2, followed by Kroger, parent company of Fred Meyer, which has been in Medford since the 1970s. No. 4 Costco opened shop in Medford in 1991, while No. 5 Target came to town two decades ago. No. 6 Sears has anchored the Medford Center since the 1950s.

No. 7 Walgreen, whose stores are labeled Walgreens, passed No. 8 Lowe's, which came to town seven years ago. No. 10 Safeway has been around for more than 50 years.

CVS, a pharmacy company whose closest store is in Reno, Nev., is the only Top 10 retailer without a presence in the Rogue Valley.

Rounding out the Top 20 retailers located in the Medford area are SuperValu Retail (Albertsons), Federated Dept. Stores (Macy's), McDonald's, JC Penney, Staples, Rite Aid and TJX (TJ Maxx).

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