Throw guy out who doesn't pay his share of the rent

DEAR BRUCE: I heard you one night on the radio say that each person has a basic cost of living whether the person buys a home or rents. The figure you used several years ago was $400 to have a roof over one's head. My daughter is letting a man live with her, and he pays $100 per month. (She pays $830.) His rationale is that she would have to pay the rent whether he lived there or not. — Cheryl, via e-mail

DEAR CHERYL: I have been doing this column for more than 20 years, and this one is a first. You have got to be kidding! What I have to say to her is, "Throw the bum out." He is getting a cheap place to live. This is someone she can surely do without. I would say, "throw him out on his ear and get on with your life." I'm sure you would like to tell her the same thing, of course. Moms can't talk that way to their kids, but people like me can and do and should.

DEAR BRUCE: We opened a Roth IRA account for our daughter when she got her first job. This past summer, she babysat for a family and received cash. Are we able to contribute anything to her Roth account this year because she has no documented income? If so, how much can we contribute? — R.R., via e-mail

DEAR R.R.: Good try, but I am afraid not. The cash you received has clearly not been reported. At the very least, if it was reported, she would have to pay Social Security and Medicare. There are no exemptions for that, and only documented income can be deposited in the Roth account.

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