The power of telecommuting

Using electronic devices to telecommute saves enough energy to power 1 million U.S. households for a year, according to a study released by the Consumer Electronics Association.

The study, commissioned by the association and conducted by TIAX of Cambridge, Mass., found that "just one day of telecommuting saves the equivalent of up to 12 hours of an average household's electricity use."

The country has about 3.9 million telecommuters, who collectively save about 840 million gallons of gas and 14 million tons of carbon dioxide emission a year. That's equal to taking 2 million vehicles off the road, the study said.

A lot of technology companies and groups have been promoting the benefits of working remotely, such as relieving the strain on highways and electricity grids.

Of course, telecommuting also means that workers would need more gadgets, higher-powered computers and speedy Internet access, which would all benefit technology companies.

Some corporations have embraced telecommuting, while others fear it could adversely affect employee productivity.

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