Some money-management Internet sites to consider

To keep with the theme of money-minded gifts, consider including a list of free budgeting Web sites in an accompanying card.

Below are a couple options that can help your loved ones get their finances in order.

  • On top of tracking finances, users can make a plan to get out of debt, set a savings goal, plan for retirement or learn how to buy a house. Users also can share their tips and goals with the Geezeo community.
  • Aggregates account data, gives alerts on low balances, bank fees, upcoming bills and personalized suggestions on ways to save money.
  • Tracks home values as well as information from multiple bank and credit card accounts. Tools include spending reports and alerts on large transactions that may be fraudulent.
  • Detects upcoming bills and paychecks over the next several weeks and customizes budgeting with alerts to let users know if they're going over their limit. Users also can access accounts with smart phones.
  • In addition to aggregating bank and credit card balances in one place, users can participate in online discussion groups or share tips and goals with other Wesabe members.
  • A risk-free way to learn about the market by trading virtual stocks. The site breaks down the stock market into sectors such as "Kids Stock Market" and "Sports Stock Market," so you can learn based on your interests.

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