Places where you can bet on the future

Inkling Markets

Founded by a two young management consultants who were intrigued by the possibilities of prediction markets; they have developed software that allows companies to set up customized prediction markets, and an Internet site where the general public do the same. Users invent their own markets on Inkling in addition to trading.

Hollywood Stock Exchange

Probably the biggest commercial success in public prediction markets, with more than 1.5 million registered traders who trade movies and stars, betting on how much box office revenue they will collect.


Site has a license from the federal government to operate a futures market, so you can use actual dollars to speculate on the price of oil, the value of the dollar or whether Sirius and XM Radio will merge. Or you can register as a mock trader and make all your trades in fantasy land.

Iowa Electronic Markets

An academic experiment that started in 1988, when investors were invited to put money down on George Bush, Michael Dukakis or Jesse Jackson. Since then they have offered markets on every presidential primary and general election and some other races, interest rates as set by the Federal Reserve and some other markets for students. The maximum stake is $500, but investors also can play with fake money.


Trades in the outcomes of current events and allows top traders to bid for gift cards and similar prizes.

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