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Flight attendants at Allegiant Air have filed a petition with the federal National Mediation Board, seeking union representation with the Transport Workers Union of America.

The Las Vegas-based low-cost carrier that links Medford to Arizona, Nevada and Southern California has about 420 flight attendants. Allegiant attendants would become the first employee group at the airline with a union contract if they vote in the Transport Workers Union.

The Transport Workers Union has more than 9,400 flight attendants at Southwest Airlines and that number will be bolstered by an additional 2,200 flight attendants who now work at AirTran once the announced acquisition of AirTran by Southwest becomes final.

Allegiant Air flight attendants filed their petition for a union election on Wednesday with The National Mediation Board, which supervises union representation elections at commercial airlines and railroads. Federal law requires an election be scheduled within 45 days.

Allegiant Travel Co., Allegiant Air's parent company, Wednesday announced third-quarter revenue increased 22.9 percent to $163.6 million. Through the first nine months of the year, Allegiant carried more than 4.5 million passengers.

The rental vacancy rate in Jackson and Josephine counties fell below 4 percent in October, according to the Southern Oregon Rental Owners Association.

SOROA members counted 198 vacancies out of 4,999 units, reporting a 3.96 percent vacancy rate.

The September rate was 4.63 percent. In October 2009 it was 5.95 percent.

Foreclosures continue to be relevant on both sides of the equation as some former homeowners move into rentals and some single-family residence rental owners also have lost their property.

"It's been significant," said Betty Johnson of Active Property Service. "More single-family residences are being rentals now because so many people are picking up foreclosures at cheaper prices."

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