KDRV-TV general manager loses job

Renard Maiuri, a fixture at Medford's KDRV-TV Channel 12 the past 25 years, will be out of a job on Aug. 20.

Maiuri is one of two station general managers whose jobs were eliminated when parent company Chambers Communications of Eugene announced a restructuring earlier this month. Also displaced was Jerry Upham, hired four years ago to launch KOHD-TV in Bend. KDRV's local sales manager, Jack McCauley, also was laid off.

Mark Hatfield, who has headed up KDRV's news department since 1996, has been named Medford market manager and will oversee news and programming for all three of Chambers Communications' stations, including KEZI-TV in Eugene.

"The restructuring reflects changes facing the broadcast industry in general," Maiuri said. "The industry is exploring different business models that make sense in today's economic environment."

Hatfield and Chambers Communications President and Chief Operating Officer Dana Siebert could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Maiuri celebrated his 25th year with KDRV in June. He was the station's first news director, was promoted to corporate news manager in 1996 and became general manager in 1997.

"Right now, I have no immediate plans," Maiuri said. "I'm looking at various options and talking with friends. I expect to stay in the area. After 25 years as a manager here at the station, I have deep roots, close friends and business associates."

Maiuri said the change is a reflection of the economic times. Broadcast companies, whose advertising revenue was already dispersed through cable, satellite and multiple-station markets, found the going even rougher when the economy hit the skids.

"There are a lot of factors at work," Maiuri said. "The advertising dollar is stretched further and further with the new media that exists today. Then there was the cost of the transition to digital from analog (broadcasting). It was a very expensive proposition for broadcasters. Broadcasters are just looking for the business model that makes the most sense today."

He said the rebound in auto sales has given some bounce to television revenue recently.

"It's been much healthier this year," Maiuri said.

"Last year was a bad year for everybody, not just broadcasters. I think this year broadcasters are doing better, even significantly in some areas, depending on their programming."

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