K-Falls wants to sell cemetery

KLAMATH FALLS — The public cemetery for the city of Klamath Falls may be going private. Not to worry. You can still get in.

Three local funeral homes are interested in purchasing Klamath Memorial Park, a city-run cemetery that opened in 1946.

The city has to subsidize it at about $150,000 annually. The perpetual-care establishment comes with a $400,000 fund to continue maintenance. Interest from the fund can be spent on maintenance, but the principal is only for when the cemetery is full.

O'Hair and Riggs Funeral Chapel made an initial offer of $25,000 in December, but members of the Klamath Falls City Council were skeptical, and several residents protested, saying the city has an obligation to maintain the grounds.

Jim Riggs, of O'Hair and Riggs, said Klamath Cremation Service, which his funeral home owns, has been at Klamath Memorial Park since 1973 and is the main reason his funeral home made an offer.

In January, Davenport's Chapel expressed an interest and Bill Davenport says the chapel still may submit a bid.

Then, Eternal Hills Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens asked to be included in the process.

Sealed bids from funeral homes are due by Friday.

Riggs said his original proposal took more than a year to write and he thought it was fair.

"The only one that came forward that said we were interested in it was us."

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