Graphic artist Sarah Cribb works out of Ashland home. Bob Pennell / Mail Tribune photo - Bob Pennell

Home Grown: Sarah Cribb Graphic Design / Illustration

Editor's note: This is one in a weekly series of profiles on locally owned and operated businesses in Southern Oregon.

What do you do and how long have you been doing it? I do graphic design and illustration, including corporate branding. I specialize in logos. I also design brochures, rack cards, business cards and posters. I do house posters and murals. I'm the resident graphic designer for Camelot Theatre. I've done this for 25 years.

How long have you lived in the Rogue Valley? I moved to Ashland in 1983. I spent a little time in Santa Barbara, Calif. Before that I lived in Massachusetts.

What inspired you to go into this line of work? I always loved art as a little girl, painting and drawing were my best classes in school. I thought I might be an art teacher when I was in school. Once I was introduced to graphic design I was really hooked.

What decision or action would you change if you could do it again? Maybe I would have learned to speak in public and been more sociable with people earlier on. As an artist I did things my own way and was a bit reclusive. It's important to learn the business end of what I do and learn to be self-promoting. I could have done that earlier on.

What's the toughest business decision you've made? I used to do things the old way, cut and paste on a light table. When the computer age came, I really I thought I might have to change my career. The purchase of a computer was a big thing and learning computer skills. I love the learning curve and am still learning new things. It's amazing graphically what you can do with a computer now and no matter what profession you go into, you still have to learn to use a computer.

Who are your competitors? All graphic designers. Lots of people coming out of college have graphic design skills. I think my fine arts background gives me an advantage over people who only learned on the computer. DJ Design and the advertising firms in Medford do similar things to what I do.

What are your goals? I would like to bring in a publisher and establish a project, something I could do on a monthly basis, like a magazine.

What training or education did you need? I studied fine art and design at Montserrat School of Visual Art in Beverly, Mass. I went through a series of workshops to learn about computers, I had tutoring and did some online work, as well. I was in the School of Creative Studies program at University of California-Santa Barbara for a while; that's where I was introduced to graphic design.

What's your advice for budding entrepreneurs? Follow your passion and do what you love. Be organized and have a business plan. It's as much about doing good work as it is providing excellent service. Tailor the design to your client and anticipate their needs.

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