Gift me on Facebook?

LOS ANGELES — As awesome as birthday comments are, nothing beats a gift. And Facebook has taken note.

The social-networking giant announced a new service Thursday afternoon called Facebook Gifts that will let users buy and send each other presents they can enjoy in real life. To start, these presents include Starbucks gift cards, stuffed animals and cupcakes, but Facebook said it will continue to add more options every day.

The company said users will have the option to send gifts from birthday reminders or when they visit their friend's timelines.

They'll be able to choose gifts for their friends, attach cards and send them off. They can notify their friends by posting the gift on their timeline or more privately through a message.

At that point, their friend can "unwrap" a preview of the gift.

If they don't like the gift, they can choose a different color, size, flavor or exchange it for something of equal value.

Payments can be made as soon as users send the gift or they can choose to pay later.

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