Get lawyer to sort out deed issue

DEAR BRUCE: My mother carried the note on my house, which was forgiven upon her death. I paid monthly interest, which stopped when she passed away in 2009. Because I no longer owe anything on my house and it is fully paid for, how do I get the deed? — Meredith

DEAR MEREDITH: You mentioned that your mom carried a note; was there a mortgage? You say you stopped paying the interest when she passed away. Was there something in her will or the mortgage document allowing you to do this? Are there other family members who would have an interest in the estate? Who is holding the deed? Was this a do-it-yourself proposition with your mom or was an attorney involved? With respect to that in my opinion, you should hire a lawyer to sort this out. The more time passes the more difficult that may be. Did your mother in fact leave a will? How was the estate settled, etc.?

All of this has to be untangled. It may be simple, maybe not depending on how all these things initially were set up. I would urge you to contact a lawyer and get it sorted out.

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