Erickson gets two major contracts

Fresh off announcing two acquisitions in the medium-lift helicopter realm, Erickson Air-Crane shored up its long-standing heavy-lift operations this week with two Canadian contracts worth as much as $23 million.

For the third consecutive year, Erickson will provide Helifor Canada, a Columbia Helicopters affiliate, with logging services and transmission-tower construction help in western Canada. The $8 million to $10 million contract with the Vancouver, British Columbia, firm runs through Dec. 13 and will be carried out by Erickson's Canadian Air-Crane unit.

An Erickson S-64E Aircrane, along with pilots, full field maintenance support crews, parts and components will remove timber in remote, rugged terrain in coastal British Columbia. Erickson also will provide expert lift services for precision placement of transmission towers for power-line construction in western Canada.

Erickson also renewed its contract with Western Forest Products, worth $10 million to $13 million, to provide aerial support for selective logging efforts in British Columbia and Alberta. The S-64E will be used primarily for extraction of fir and red cedar trees in difficult terrain on remote timberlands.

Earlier this month, Erickson said it would acquire Brazilian helicopter firm Air Amazonia from HRT Participacoes em Petroleo for $65 million to $75 million. That deal was followed by an in-state purchase of Evergreen Helicopters from Evergreen International Aviation of McMinnville for $250 million.

The company's primary manufacturing, maintenance, research and parts development are done at its plant on Willow Springs Road outside of Central Point.

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