Chrysler offers major incentives

DETROIT — Chrysler said Thursday it is rolling out new incentives designed to tempt consumers into its dealerships and drive a much-needed sales boost.

The incentive program will offer employee pricing discounts to the general public and additional rebates.

The deals are in addition to a zero-percent financing offer the Auburn Hills, Mich.-based company announced last week, after Chrysler's financial arm received a $1.5 billion infusion from the government's bank bailout program.

"We have an extraordinary offer we're coming out with," said Chrysler LLC spokeswoman Carrie McElwee on Thursday.

"We did announce the incentives with zero-percent financing last week, and we're offering additional incentive prices today."

Customers can get cash discounts of up to $3,500 for 2009 model year vehicles and up to $6,000 on 2008 model year vehicles.

Sales at struggling Chrysler fell 53 percent in December. Last week, Italian automaker Fiat proposed a deal to take a 35 percent stake in the company.

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