CD should be split for FDIC protection

DEAR BRUCE: I have $325,000 in CDs, and I am concerned they may not be fully insured, as there are so many different CDs. The bank is FDIC- and DIF-insured; however, someone told me that only one account could be under one person's name to be fully insured per bank. Is this correct? Also, I have another $600,000 in a 401(k), plus my two homes are both paid off, totaling $500,000 (given today's real-estate market). I am nearing early-retirement age and am afraid that I do not have enough to see me into my old age. Am I being silly? I am not a high-maintenance person, but do want to make sure there will be enough money to carry me through until my late 70s or 80s. — C.M., via e-mail

DEAR C.M.: You are in a solid financial condition; however, leaving $325,000 in CDs in one bank is a mistake. It would be far easier to have four CDs, all of which should be less than $100,000 in an FDIC-insured facility.

Given recent events, while I would not panic, I would make a move to transfer those CDs into accounts of no more than $90,000 so that any accrued interest would be covered as well. Otherwise, if you choose to retire, you can handle it.

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