Avoid cabin fever: Try these low-cost dating options this winter

The cold winter months are already upon us and it's easy to get into the pattern of spending too much time indoors. Cabin fever is common to catch when those temperatures go down. Who doesn't want to take a break from the monotony of a spaghetti dinner and movie rental at home?

A fun date night or evening out on the town may seem too pricey with the holiday spending spree right around the corner, but with a little creativity you can spend quality time, all while staying within budget. The following are some ideas that all cost under $25.

Book lovers: Meet authors and hear from their latest collections at public readings, which are held at colleges, lecture halls, book stores and arts centers in your community.

The readings are free and you are not required to purchase the book.

Sport lovers: Who has money to spend at professional or college games? instead check the athletic Schedule of a local high school game. You definitely don't want to miss a big rivalry clash that's sure to be entertaining and best of all — cheap! Most high school basketball athletic events cost under $5 per ticket, so you can splurge on the reasonably priced concessions.

Movie lovers: Catching a good movie is a favorite choice for many, but at $10 per ticket plus the costly concessions, it can be budget buster. Many libraries, museums and community organizations host a movie series for adults during the winter months for free or for a limited price of approximately $3.50. If you're interested in catching a new release, opt for a day screening and take advantage of lower matinee prices.

Dance lovers: Clubs often open their doors early for free dance lessons — salsa, swing, and line dancing — to patrons. This makes the club look full to attract late-night paying customers wanting to hang at a "happening place." Check meetup.com to find free dance events in your area.

Food lovers: Instead of dinner out, try brunch or lunch at your favorite restaurant. You'll save $25-50 on your total meal and still be able to enjoy your favorite dishes. Also try a dessert date, head out to your favorite pastry shop for dessert and coffee for under $20 instead of dinner and drinks, a $50-$75 savings.

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