Yoga for the working stiff

Yoga for the working stiff

Repetitive-strain injuries account for more than 60 percent of workplace ailments. Early diagnosis is key, but prevention is always the best measure. If you don't have time for a yoga class, performing these simple stretches several times a day is not only refreshing, but can also prevent chronic muscle and joint fatigue. Don't forget to breathe!

If you have consistent pain in hands, wrists or forearms, always consult a medical professional.

1. With hands in a prayer position, rotate wrists in all directions and stretch

2. Squeeze fists tight

3. Stretch fingers wide

4. Interlace fingers and rotate hands

5. Incorporate with upper body stretch

1. Interlace your fingers behind your head

2. Relax your elbows and shoulders

3. Smile, breathe and stretch your elbows back, letting tightness release slowly

4. Repeat often throughout the day

1. Raise your arms straight above your head

2. Interlace your fingers

3. Alternate palms downward and upward as you stretch and breathe

4. Stretch your arms out in front and relax your shoulders

1. Sit near the edge of the chair, holding both sides of the seat

2. Gently stretch up and forward

3. Open your chest and tilt your head back

4. Relax and breathe into the stretch

1. Sit forward with your feet flat on the ground, hands on your hips.

2. Relax shoulders

3. Keeping your back straight, rotate your shoulders first to the right, then left

4. Twist only as far as comfortable

5. Relax and breathe

1. While you talk on the phone, stretch your legs out in front

2. Rotate your ankles and feet

3. Wiggle toes

1. Place both hands on the doorjambs at shoulder height, feet hip-width apart

2. Gently let your body stretch forward

3. Relax your head and breathe

1. Interlace your fingers behind your back

2. Gently bend forward

3. Stretch your hands and arms up and back

4. Breathe into the stretch

5. Gently release arms

1. While sitting, reach your hands toward the sky

2. Breathe in deeply and relax completely on the exhale

3. Drop your arms and upper body toward the ground like a rag doll

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