Woman nearly sends $3,000 in scam

After an alert MoneyGram employee told a woman preparing to send $3,000 to Canada to bail her grandson out of jail that a scam might be afoot, Talent police are reiterating the warning.

The woman had received a call asking her to send bail money for her grandson, so she took out a $3,000 loan and prepared to wire the funds outside the country, Talent Police Chief Mike Moran said.

An employee at the money-wiring service cautioned the woman that this ploy sounded like a common scam. The woman called her grandson and found he wasn't in jail or in Canada.

The same scam has been reported in Talent and around the country previously, with victims sometimes losing sizable amounts of money.

Moran advised people who get calls from someone claiming to be a relative or a friend of a relative and asking for money to call the relative's home number or call another family member to confirm the story.

He also suggested never transferring money via Western Union or MoneyGram to individuals or companies you don't know, as it likely is a scam. Police said that once money leaves the country in this manner, it is virtually impossible to recover and prosecutions are rare.

— Anita Burke

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