Who was Roxy Ann?

The story behind the name of the peak that was at the center of a major Medford fire this week will be told next month as part of a series of talks.

Genealogist and retired librarian Anne Billeter will talk about Roxy Ann Bowen, who settled at the base of the butte now known as Roxy Ann Peak, with her husband, John, in the 1850s. More than 600 acres burned on and near the peak Monday during the Deer Ridge fire.

Billeter's talk is at noon Oct. 7 at the Medford Branch Library, 205 S. Central Ave., Medford. It's free.

The talk will explore who the Bowens were, where they came from and who came with them. It also will explain the connection to "Maryum's Yellow Rose," the Jacksonville Quilters' pictorial quilt that will be displayed during the talks. Billeter will describe how she researched Roxy Ann, with particular focus on local resources for researching the stories behind place names, pioneers and other aspects of Jackson County history.

The talk is part of the Land of the Empire Builders history lecture series.

— Staff reports

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