White City truck driver in Highway 97 collision

A White City commercial truck driver drove his vehicle off Highway 97 after slamming into the back of a Chevrolet Tahoe while the driver braked to avoid hitting a herd of elk crossing near milepost 177, according to a news release.

Jean Tangsrud, 38, of Kenmare, North Dakota, had braked to avoid the elk herd when 66-year-old Gene Albert collided with the rear of her vehicle. Tangsrud was able to maintain control of her vehicle and stopped on the highway shoulder. Albert, attempting to steer to the left to avoid a collision, stopped partially off the highway.

His truck was towed due to front end damage.

Both drivers and Tangsrud's passenger wore safety restraints and were not hurt.

Albert was cited for following too closely.

Law enforcement and the Oregon Department of Transportation officials said the accident is a reminder of the potential dangers animals crossing major highways pose to motorists.

Motorists should be attentive, especially during darker times of the day, to the road and exercise additional caution when driving in areas with special wildlife signs. Seatbelts should be worn at all times.

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