What's on your bucket list?

OK, what if the world really does end Dec. 21, 2012, as some think the Mayan calendar predicts? What would be on your bucket list of things to do in Southern Oregon before then?

That's the theme of this year's Our Valley, the Mail Tribune's annual special section shedding light on life in this region we know and love.

We'd like suggestions from readers on what things they'd do, people they'd meet, places they'd visit, challenges they'd try if they knew the world was coming to its demise.

Would you record your first CD? Ride a bull? Spearfish while scuba diving on the Oregon Coast? Finally take that rafting trip down the lower Rogue River canyon? Prove your mettle in a cage fight? Investigate why that shack in Gold Hill really is — or isn't — the Oregon Vortex?

Maybe you know people who have done some of these things. We'd love to talk to them about their experiences. Or maybe you're planning on riding that bull next week — let us know about it.

The only requirement: It has to be in Southern Oregon.

It's all in fun, of course — we don't really think the world's going to end, or even that the Mayan calendar predicts it's going to. But if it does, no one will be around to tell us we were wrong, right?

Send your ideas for stories to City Editor Cathy Noah at cnoah@mailtribune.com by Friday, Jan. 27.

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