What are the bees telling us?

The new film “Queen of the Sun: What are the bees telling us?” opens in Ashland as part of The Varsity Theatre Earth Day celebration today.

Also theatrically premiering in four other Oregon cities beginning on Earth Day, "Queen of the Sun" is being called a profound, alternative look into the problems and solutions of the global honeybee crisis from Taggart Siegel, the director of the award-winning, grass-roots hit "The Real Dirt on Farmer John."

Film.com calls the movie "Stunning... as soulful as it is scientific, as uplifting as it is alarming." Shawn Levy at the Oregonian calls it "entertaining, gorgeous, and relevant."

Shows starting before 5 p.m. are $6.50 for adults and shows starting 5 p.m. or later are $8.50. See www.catheatres.com for show times.

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