We're watching, Kyle

We wonder, Kyle (Singler), how many others, along with us, are thrilled at watching you play basketball at Duke? After four years at South, we feel you are one of our boys. We are right there with you on the sidelines. Thank you for bringing Duke basketball to a new level for us here in Medford.

We know your parents have to be proud of you. We can see coach Murphy pacing his living room floor each time you play. We know all your fans in Medford would like to say with us, thanks for the memories. Enjoy the journey. — Bob and Lynn Stafford, Medford

I am always disappointed in the scarce coverage on our valley's high school ski talent. We had an awesome ski team that posted some great times this year. We have quite a few traveling to Mount Hood for the state championships, and I will bet real money that our kids on the ski team will come home with some serious rankings.

Your coverage with photos of the snowboarders was terrific. I feel, though, that the ski team was extremely short-changed and would prefer equal coverage on the sports page. Believe it or not, skiing is still cool! — Michelle Payne

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