We're eating good at Healthy Living headquarters this month

We're eating good at Healthy Living headquarters this month

Eggplant caviar ... cauliflower lasagna ... citrus-mint orzo salad ... quinoa spring rolls ... French-American rhubarb tart ... sugar-free apple pie ... mom's date pudding.

We successfully completed our first Oregon Healthy Living recipe contest last month and we already can't wait to do it again. More than 200 people sent in recipes, and we've been cooking ever since.

The grand prize winner, Lin Scarrow of Gold Hill, submitted her rendition of Cauliflower Lasagna. First place went to Dana Giffen of Ashland, who regaled us with her Eggplant Caviar. Syd Brown of Jacksonville took second place after sending in a recipe for Cabana Grilled Salmon with Cilantro Cream, Garlic Polenta and Wilted Baby Greens.

Just to be clear, we didn't judge the entries, so our winners didn't necessarily send the "best" recipes. Everybody who sent a recipe went into a hopper, and those three were chosen at random. But we sure did pick some good winners. All three of their recipes were delicious.

We cooked those "winning" entries first, because we needed photos to accompany the recipes that appear on pages 12 and 13.

But we didn't stop there. We've been working our way down the list ever since, dabbling with desserts, playing with polentas, sashaying with soups and noshing with noodles.

You can do the same by going to our online Recipe Box at www.mailtribune.com/recipes. The 200 recipes we added from our contest brought the total number of recipes in the Recipe Box to 2,000.

You can search the database by recipe names or by ingredients, or you can just scroll through to see what tweaks your t-bone. Recipes we consider "healthful" are marked with a little red heart. Then again, I've always believed that any recipe that makes you smile is bound to be healthful (in moderation, of course) because, as everybody knows, happy people are healthier people.

We're adding more recipes every week, and the Web page is set up so you can add your own recipes if you want.

Go ahead and give it a gander. You'll be eating as well as we are in no time.

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