Visine-laced drinks lead to charges

A feud between coworkers at the Rogue Valley Manor earlier this month boiled over when two employees poisoned two others by allegedly spiking their strawberry soda with Visine, which could have had serious consequences, authorities said.

Shani Rachelle Davis, 36, who was an office supervisor at the Manor, and employee Christina Laura Bongcayao, 27, were each arraigned Friday in Jackson County Circuit Court on two counts of second-degree assault.

The poisoning capped a long period of bad blood between the suspects and Irene Seaver, 47, and Corrin Parker, 47, both of Medford, according to police.

"It's been pretty rough in our office for some time," Seaver said.

Seaver claims that she had witnessed various infractions by Davis and Bongcayao, sparking the vendetta.

On May 3, Davis and Bongcayao brought strawberry soda to work for their fellow coworkers. Both Seaver and Parker drank the soda, not knowing that it had been laced with Visine eye drop solution.

A popular urban legend says that Visine causes diarrhea when ingested, as seen on the film "The Wedding Crashers."

The actual symptoms of Visine poisoning can be much more serious as the active ingredient Tetrahydrozoline can cause breathing difficulties, severe headache, seizures and possibly coma, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center's Web site.

After drinking the tainted soda, both women became lethargic and could hardly stay awake, Seaver said.

"I was going through periods when I literally couldn't function," she said. "It felt like my bones were made of rubber."

They next day they were able to narrow down the source of the malady.

"The only thing we shared all day was the strawberry soda given to us by (Davis and Bongcayao)," Seaver said.

Both Davis and Bongcayao were fired from the Manor and Medford police detectives became involved. They found two empty bottles of Visine that had come from the Manor's pharmacy, Seaver said.

Bongcayao remained lodged in the Jackson County Jail late Friday on $25,000 bail. Davis was cited and released.

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