A suspicious device was exploded at a Rogue River apartment complex this morning. - Bob Pennell

UPDATED: Suspicious device found at Rogue River apartment complex

UPDATED: 1:35 p.m.

A device thought to be a possible explosive found at a Rogue River apartment complex today turned out to be a makeshift piece of exercise equipment instead. (Correction: The day the device was found has been updated in this story.)

The investigation closed North River Road for about an hour and ended with a bang when the Oregon State Police Bomb Squad blew off the end of a four-foot piece of PVC pipe that had been sealed at both ends. Police say the device was likely a “slosh pipe,” or a sealed length of PVC pipe filled with water that is used for strength training.

The bomb squad exploded the end off the pipe, a loud boom that echoed up the street.

The pipe had been hollow but for some water. No one was hurt and no damage resulted. Why the PVC pipe was there is not known.

9 a.m.

A suspicious device that could be an explosive was found at a Rogue River apartment complex this morning.

An employee at Rogue Terrace Apartments, 641 N. River Road, found the device in decorative bark mulch near a sidewalk just after 7 a.m.

Rogue River police reported on their Twitter account a PVC pipe about four inches in diameter and about four feet in length. It is sealed off at both ends with a blue substance.

"It's in a very unusual spot," said Rogue River police Chief Ken Lewis, adding no construction or other similar work has been reported nearby.

City officials are on scene. Oregon State Police's Bomb Squad is en route from Salem to investigate and potentially detonate the device, as the Central Point squad was not available, Lewis said.

There have been no evacuations of the apartments, but police have asked apartment residents to stay inside. Cars near the site have been moved, and the area has been blocked off with caution tape.

Lewis said one or two explosions have been reported weekly during the night around Rogue River the first two weeks of January, drawing some complaints from citizens.

"They shake the town," Lewis said. "It'd be (like) the kind of aerial fireworks you'd see at a professional display."

Police have taken reports of sky rockets but have never found any debris. The explosions have gone quiet the last two weeks. OSP removed a firework wrapped in duct tape on Jan. 2 in Palmerton Park. It's not known if all the events are connected.

— Ryan Pfeil

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A 4' diameter, 4' long PVC pipe, sealed at both ends. Can anyone identify?

— rogueriverpd (@rogueriverpd) January 30, 2014

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Another suspicious device found in RR. OSP Bomb Squad enroute from Salem.

— rogueriverpd (@rogueriverpd) January 30, 2014

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