Two arrested in animal shelter killings

Update 11:25 a.m.One of the spotted heeler pups was found with the suspects and returned to the shelter, Josephine County animal shelter supervisor Brad Tally said this morning. Officials hope the remaining suspect has the other pup and it will be returned when she is arrested.

10:05 a.m.The Josephine County Sheriff's Department has arrested two people in connection with a break-in at the county's animal shelter and the theft and killing of dogs. Another suspect has been identified, but authorities haven't found her yet, the department said in a news release this morning.

Harley D. Hopkins, 22, and a 16-year-old boy were each arrested on four counts of felony animal abuse and charges of first-degree theft, criminal mischief and second-degree burglary, the sheriff's department said. Deputies are still looking for a woman also suspected of being involved.

Officials suspect the group broke into the animal shelter Friday night, cut the chain-link fencing on kennels and snatched 11 of 15 dogs at the shelter at 1420 Brookside Blvd., near the Grants Pass Airport.

Four pups, all younger than 6 months old, were found dead of apparent blows to their heads along the 700 block of Pleasant Valley Road. Three dogs were found near the shelter Saturday morning when the burglary was discovered and two more were tracked down Tuesday. One blue heeler pup is still missing. See updated information above.

— Anita Burke

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