Trilobyte Games gears up for new release

Medford video game maker Trilobyte Games today unveiled plans for the third and final episode in its 7th Guest franchise.

The inaugural 7th Guest was released in 1993 and sold 2 million copies and propelled compatible hardware sales, earning kudos from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who called it "the new standard in interactive entertainment."

The 11th Hour sequel followed in 1995.

"We've been waiting to make The 7th Guest: 3 for a long time," Rob Landeros, co-founder, creative director and CEO of Trilobyte Games, said in a statement announcing the final act. "The team's in place; new puzzles are in development, and the most notorious villain in all gaming, Henry Stauf, is poised to return and finish the story that begin in The 7th Guest.

In The 7th Guest: 3, Stauf's high-definition house is filled with 20 "devilishly clever puzzles" to test gamers.

"The house is not only filled with puzzles, it is a puzzle; one gigantic, mechanical mind-bender," Trilobyte said.

To complete the game and the story, players must solve every puzzle in the house and the puzzle of the house itself. Only then will Henry Stauf's secret be revealed

Landeros estimated development and production time will take a year, making it available for the 2014 holiday season.

The price has not been set, but will likely be in the $29.95 for range for PC and Mac users.

The company is largely relying on Kickstarter funding for the $435,000 project with fans and gamers pledging financial backing.

Landeros said top financial backers will have their portraits and busts displayed at prominent places in the game's mansion.

After launding the fund drive this morning, nearly $12,500 had been raised by 11:30 a.m.

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— Greg Stiles

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